Getting Started

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 0.1)]
    [Description("Makes epic stuff happen")]

    class EpicStuff : RustPlugin
        // The rest of the code and magic

The Title variable is what defines your plugin. This should be a unique codename or short description such as Pets.

The Author variable is used to show who made the plugin. This should match your username if releasing.

The Version variable is used to tell if the plugin is outdated or not, and is incremented with each release. Semantic Versioning recommended.

The Description variable helps explain to users what your plugin does, in case the title isn’t enough. Make it good, but not too long!

Universal Hooks

Available for all supported games

7 Days to Die Blockstorm Hurtworld Reign of Kings Rust Rust Legacy The Forest Unturned


void Init()
    Puts("Init works!");


void Loaded()
    Puts("Loaded works!");


void Unload()
    Puts("Save files, destroy timers, etc");


protected override void LoadDefaultConfig()
    Puts("Default configuration created");


void OnFrame()
    Puts("OnFrame works!");


void OnPluginLoaded(Plugin name)
    Puts($"Plugin '{name}' has been loaded");


void OnPluginUnloaded(Plugin name)
    Puts($"Plugin '{name}' has been unloaded");


void OnServerInitialized()
    Puts("OnServerInitialized works!");


void OnServerSave
    Puts("OnServerSave works!");


void OnUserPermissionGranted(string id, string perm)
    Puts($"User '{id}' granted permission: {perm}");


void OnUserPermissionRevoked(string id, string perm)
    Puts($"User '{id}' revoked permission: {perm}");


void OnUserGroupAdded(string id, string name)
    Puts($"User '{id}' added to group: {name}");


void OnUserGroupRemoved(string id, string name)
    Puts($"User '{id}' removed from group: {name}");


void OnGroupPermissionGranted(string name, string perm)
    Puts($"Group '{name}' granted permission: {perm}");


void OnGroupPermissionRevoked(string name, string perm)
    Puts($"Group '{name}' revoked permission: {perm}");

Server Hooks


void OnMessagePlayer(string message, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnMessagePlayer works!");


void OnNewSave(string filename)
    Puts("OnNewSave works!");


void OnRconConnection(IPEndPoint ip)
    Puts("OnRconConnection works!");


void OnSaveLoad(Dictionary<BaseEntity, Entity> entities)
    Puts("OnSaveLoad works!");


void OnServerCommand(ConsoleSystem.Arg arg)
    Puts("OnServerCommand works!");


void OnServerMessage(string message, string name, string color, ulong id)
    Puts("OnServerMessage works!");


void OnTick()
    Puts("OnTick works!");

Player Hooks


void CanAttack(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanAttack works!");

CanBeTargeted (autoturret)

void CanBeTargeted(BaseCombatEntity player, MonoBehaviour turret)
    Puts("CanBeTargeted works!");


void CanBeWounded(BasePlayer player, HitInfo info)
    Puts("CanBeWounded works!");


void CanBypassQueue(Network.Connection connection)
    Puts("CanBypassQueue works!");


void CanCraft(ItemCrafter itemCrafter, ItemBlueprint bp, int amount)
    Puts("CanCraft works!");


void CanClientLogin(Network.Connection connection)
    Puts("CanClientLogin works!");


void CanEquipItem(PlayerInventory inventory, Item item)
    Puts("CanEquipItem works!");


void CanLootPlayer(BasePlayer target, BasePlayer looter)
    Puts("CanLootPlayer works!");


void CanWearItem(PlayerInventory inventory, Item item)
    Puts("CanWearItem works!");


void OnConnectionAuth(Message.Connection connection)
    Puts("OnConnectionAuth works!");


void OnFindSpawnPoint()
    Puts("OnFindSpawnPoint works!");


void OnLootEntity(BasePlayer player, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnLootEntity works!");


void OnLootEntityEnd(BasePlayer player, BaseCombatEntity entity)
    Puts("OnLootEntityEnd works!");


void OnLootPlayer(BasePlayer player, BasePlayer target)
    Puts("OnLootPlayer works!");


void OnLootItem(BasePlayer player, Item item)
    Puts("OnLootItem works!");


void OnPlayerAttack(BasePlayer attacker, HitInfo info)
    Puts("OnPlayerAttack works!");


void OnPlayerBanned(Connection connection, string reason)
    Puts("OnPlayerBanned works!");


void OnPlayerChat(ConsoleSystem.Arg arg)
    Puts("OnPlayerChat works!");


void OnPlayerConnected(Network.Message packet)
    Puts("OnPlayerConnected works!");


void OnPlayerDie(BasePlayer player, HitInfo info)
    Puts("OnPlayerDie works!");


void OnPlayerDisconnected(BasePlayer player, string reason)
    Puts("OnPlayerDisconnected works!");


void OnPlayerHealthChange(BasePlayer player, float oldValue, float newValue)
    Puts("OnPlayerHealthChange works!");


void OnPlayerInit(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerInit works!");


void OnPlayerInput(BasePlayer player, InputState input)
    Puts("OnPlayerInput works!");


void OnPlayerLand(BasePlayer player, float num)
    Puts("OnPlayerLand works!");


void OnPlayerLanded(BasePlayer player, float num)
    Puts("OnPlayerLanded works!");


void OnPlayerLootEnd(PlayerLoot inventory)
    Puts("OnPlayerLootEnd works!");


void OnPlayerRecover(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerRecover works!");


void OnPlayerRespawn(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerRespawn works!");


void OnPlayerRespawned(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerRespawned works!");


void OnPlayerSleep(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerSleep works!");


void OnPlayerSleepEnded(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerSleepEnded works!");


void OnPlayerSpawn(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerSpawn works!");


void OnPlayerSpectate(BasePlayer player, string spectateFilter)
    Puts("OnPlayerSpectate works!");


void OnPlayerSpectateEnd(BasePlayer player, string spectateFilter)
    Puts("OnPlayerSpectateEnd works!");


void OnPlayerTick(BasePlayer player, PlayerTick msg, bool wasPlayerStalled)
    Puts("OnPlayerTick works!");


void OnPlayerWound(BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnPlayerWound works!");


void OnRunPlayerMetabolism(PlayerMetabolism metabolism)
    Puts("OnRunPlayerMetabolism works!");


void OnUserApprove(Network.Connection connection)
    Puts("OnUserApprove works!");

Entity Hooks


void CanHelicopterStrafeTarget(PatrolHelicopterAI entity, BasePlayer target)
    Puts("CanHelicopterStrafeTarget works!");


void CanNetworkTo(BaseNetworkable entity, BasePlayer target)
    Puts("CanNetworkTo works!");


void CanNpcAttack(BaseNpc npc, BaseEntity target)
    Puts("CanNpcAttack works!");


void CanNpcEat(BaseNpc npc, BaseCombatEntity target)
    Puts("CanNpcEat works!");


void CanPickupEntity(BaseCombatEntity entity, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanPickupEntity works!");


void CanRecycle(Recycler recycler, Item item)
    Puts("CanRecycle works!");


void OnAirdrop(CargoPlane plane, Vector3 dropPosition)
    Puts("OnAirdrop works!");


void OnContainerDropItems(ItemContainer container)
    Puts("OnContainerDropItems works!");


void OnEntityDeath(BaseCombatEntity entity, HitInfo info)
    Puts("OnEntityDeath works!");


void OnEntityEnter(TriggerBase trigger, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnEntityEnter works!");


void OnEntityGroundMissing(BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnEntityGroundMissing works!");


void OnEntityKill(BaseNetworkable entity)
    Puts("OnEntityKill works!");


void OnEntityLeave(TriggerBase trigger, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnEntityLeave works!");


void OnEntitySpawned(BaseNetworkable entity)
    Puts("OnEntitySpawned works!");


void OnEntityTakeDamage(BaseCombatEntity entity, HitInfo info)
    Puts("OnEntityTakeDamage works!");


void OnHelicopterTarget(HelicopterTurret turret, BaseCombatEntity entity)
    Puts("OnHelicopterTarget works!");


void OnOvenToggle(BaseOven oven, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnOvenToggle works!");


void OnRecycleItem(Recycler recycler, Item item)
    Puts("OnRecycleItem works!");


void OnRecyclerToggle(Recycler recycler, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnRecyclerToggle works!");


void OnResourceDepositCreated(ResourceDepositManager.ResourceDeposit deposit)
    Puts("OnResourceDepositCreated works!");


void OnTurretAuthorize(AutoTurret turret, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnTurretAuthorize works!");


void OnTurretShutdown(AutoTurret turret, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnTurretDeauthorize works!");


void OnTurretShutdown(AutoTurret turret)
    Puts("OnTurretShutdown works!");


void OnTurretStartup(AutoTurret turret)
    Puts("OnTurretStartup works!");


void OnTurretTarget(AutoTurret turret, BaseCombatEntity entity)
    Puts("OnTurretTarget works!");


void OnTurretToggle(AutoTurret turret)
    Puts("OnTurretToggle works!");

Item Hooks


void CanAcceptItem(ItemContainer container, Item item)
    Puts("CanAcceptItem works!");


void CanCombineDroppedItem(DroppedItem item, DroppedItem targetItem)
    Puts("CanCombineDroppedItem works!");


void CanMoveItem(Item item, PlayerInventory playerLoot, uint targetContainer, int targetSlot)
    Puts("CanMoveItem works!");


void CanStackItem(Item item, Item targetItem)
    Puts("CanStackItem works!");


void OnConsumeFuel(BaseOven oven, Item fuel, ItemModBurnable burnable)
    Puts("OnConsumeFuel works!");


void OnFindBurnable(BaseOven oven)
    Puts("OnFindBurnable works!");


void OnHealingItemUse(HeldEntity item, BasePlayer target)
    Puts("OnHealingItemUse works!");


void OnItemAction(Item item, string action)
    Puts("OnItemAction works!");


void OnItemAddedToContainer(ItemContainer container, Item item)
    Puts("OnItemAddedToContainer works!");


void OnItemCraft(ItemCraftTask item)
    Puts("OnItemCraft works!");


void OnItemCraftCancelled(ItemCraftTask task)
    Puts("OnItemCraftCancelled works!");


void OnItemCraftFinished(ItemCraftTask task, Item item)
    Puts("OnItemCraftFinished works!");


void OnItemDeployed(Deployer deployer, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnItemDeployed works!");


void OnItemDropped(Item item, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnItemDropped works!");


void OnItemPickup(Item item, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnItemPickup works!");


void OnItemRemovedFromContainer(ItemContainer container, Item item)
    Puts("OnItemRemovedFromContainer works!");


void OnItemRepair(BasePlayer player, Item item)
    Puts("OnItemRepair works!");


void OnItemResearch(Item item, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnItemResearch works!");


void OnItemResearchEnd(ResearchTable table, float chance)
    Puts("OnItemResearchEnd works!");
    return chance;


void OnItemResearchStart(ResearchTable table)
    Puts("OnItemResearchStart works!");


void OnItemSplit(Item item, int amount)
    Puts("OnItemSplit works!");


void OnItemUpgrade(Item item, Item upgraded, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnItemUpgrade works!");


void OnItemUse(Item item, int amountToUse)
    Puts("OnItemUse works!");


void OnLoseCondition(Item item, ref float amount)
    Puts("OnLoseCondition works!");


void OnTrapArm(BearTrap trap, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnTrapArm works!");


void OnTrapDisarm(Landmine trap, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnTrapDisarm works!");


void OnTrapSnapped(BaseTrapTrigger trap, GameObject go)
    Puts("OnTrapSnapped works!");


void OnTrapTrigger(BaseTrap trap, GameObject go)
    Puts("OnTrapTrigger works!");

Resource Gathering Hooks


void OnCollectiblePickup(Item item, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnCollectiblePickup works!");


void OnCropGather(PlantEntity plant, Item item, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnCropGather works!");


void OnDispenserGather(ResourceDispenser dispenser, BaseEntity entity, Item item)
    Puts("OnDispenserGather works!");


void OnQuarryEnabled(MiningQuarry quarry)
    Puts("OnQuarryEnabled works!");


void OnQuarryGather(MiningQuarry quarry, Item item)
    Puts("OnQuarryGather works!");


void OnSurveyGather(SurveyCharge survey, Item item)
    Puts("OnSurveyGather works!");

Sign Hooks


void CanUpdateSign(BasePlayer player, Signage sign)
    Puts("CanUpdateSign works!");


void OnSignLocked(Signage sign, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnSignLocked works!");


void OnSignUpdated(Signage sign, BasePlayer player, string text)
    Puts("OnSignUpdated works!");

Structure Hooks


void CanAssignBed(SleepingBag bag, BasePlayer player, ulong targetPlayerId)
    Puts("CanAssignBed works!");


void CanBuild(Planner plan, Construction prefab)
    Puts("CanBuild works!");


void CanChangeCode(CodeLock codeLock, BasePlayer player, string newCode, bool isGuestCode)
    Puts("CanChangeCode works!");


void CanHideStash(StashContainer stash, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanHideStash works!");


void CanLock(BaseLock baseLock, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanLock works!");


void CanSeeStash(StashContainer stash, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanSeeStash works!");


void CanSetBedPublic(SleepingBag bed, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanSetBedPublic works!");


void CanUnlock(BaseLock baseLock, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanUnlock works!");


void CanUseLockedEntity(BasePlayer player, BaseLock baseLock)
    Puts("CanUseLockedEntity works!");


void OnCodeEntered(CodeLock codeLock, BasePlayer player, string code)
    Puts("OnCodeEntered works!");


void OnCupboardAuthorize(BuildingPrivlidge privilege, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnCupboardAuthorize works!");


void OnCupboardClearList(BuildingPrivlidge privilege, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnCupboardClearList works!");


void OnCupboardDeauthorize(BuildingPrivlidge privilege, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnCupboardDeauthorize works!");


void OnDoorClosed(Door door, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnDoorClosed works!");


void OnDoorOpened(Door door, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnDoorOpened works!");


void OnEntityBuilt(Planner plan, GameObject go)
    Puts("OnEntityBuilt works!");


void OnHammerHit(BasePlayer player, HitInfo info)
    Puts("OnHammerHit works!");


void OnStructureDemolish(BaseCombatEntity entity, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnStructureDemolish works!");


void OnStructureRepair(BaseCombatEntity entity, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnStructureRepair works!");


void OnStructureRotate(BaseCombatEntity entity, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnStructureRotate works!");


void OnStructureUpgrade(BaseCombatEntity entity, BasePlayer player, BuildingGrade.Enum grade)
    Puts("OnStructureUpgrade works!");

Terrain Hooks


void OnTerrainInitialized()
    Puts("OnTerrainInitialized works!");

Vending Machine Hooks


void CanAdministerVending(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanAdministerVending works!");


void CanUseVending(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("CanUseVending works!");


void OnAddVendingOffer(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player, ProtoBuf.VendingMachine.SellOrder sellOrder)
    Puts("OnAddVendingOffer works!");


void OnBuyVendingItem(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player, int sellOrderId, int numberOfTransactions)
    Puts("OnBuyVendingItem works!");


void OnDeleteVendingOffer(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnDeleteVendingOffer works!");


void OnOpenVendingAdmin(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnOpenVendingAdmin works!");


void OnOpenVendingShop(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnOpenVendingShop works!");


void OnRefreshVendingStock(VendingMachine machine, Item item)
    Puts("OnRefreshVendingStock works!");


void OnRotateVendingMachine(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnRotateVendingMachine works!");


void OnToggleVendingBroadcast(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer player)
    Puts("OnToggleVendingBroadcast works!");


void OnVendingTransaction(VendingMachine machine, BasePlayer buyer, int sellOrderId, int numberOfTransactions)
    Puts("OnVendingTransaction works!");

Weapon Hooks


void OnCreateWorldProjectile(HitInfo info, Item item)
    Puts("OnCreateWorldProjectile works!");


void OnExplosiveDropped(BasePlayer player, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnExplosiveDropped works!");


void OnExplosiveThrown(BasePlayer player, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnExplosiveThrown works!");


void OnMeleeThrown(BasePlayer player, Item item)
    Puts("OnMeleeThrown works!");


void OnRocketLaunched(BasePlayer player, BaseEntity entity)
    Puts("OnRocketLaunched works!");


void OnWeaponFired(BaseProjectile projectile, BasePlayer player, ItemModProjectile mod, ProtoBuf.ProjectileShoot projectiles)
    Puts("OnWeaponFired works!");

Library Functions

There are a few functions that have been added to wrap Rust functions, creating aliases of sorts to make your life easier during initial coding as well as during upgrades.


rust.QuoteSafe("Use /kick \"Player Name\" to kick player");

Used to safely save text or send a message that contains quotation marks.



We need a CSharp example here

Used to get/set private methods, fields, and properties.



Default commands

load *|<pluginname>+
unload *|<pluginname>+
reload *|<pluginname>+
grant <group|user> <name|id> *|<permission>
revoke <group|user> <name|id> *|<permission>
group <add|set> <name> [title] [rank]
group <remove> <name>
group <parent> <name> <parentname>
usergroup <add|remove> <username> <groupname>
show <group|user|perm> <name>
show <groups|perms>
version or oxide.version

Chat commands

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", "1.0.0")]
    [Description("A basic chat command")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        void TestCommand(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            player.Reply("Test successful!");

Console commands

using UnityEngine;

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", "1.0.0")]
    [Description("A basic console command")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        void TestCommand(IPlayer player)
            Puts("Test successful!");


Creating a configuration

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)]
    [Description("This example illustrates how to use a basic configuration file")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        protected override void LoadDefaultConfig()
            PrintWarning("Creating a new configuration file");
            Config["ShowJoinMessage"] = true;
            Config["ShowLeaveMessage"] = true;
            Config["JoinMessage"] = "Welcome to this server";
            Config["LeaveMessage"] = "Goodbye";

Since many users won’t want to (or can’t) edit the plugin directly to change the default configuration, it’s best to offer to offer them a configuration file that can easily be edited without worrying about messing up the plugin.

Saving a configuration

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)] 
    [Description("This example illustrates how to update a value in a configuration file")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        void Test(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            if ((bool)Config["ShowJoinMessage"])
                Config["ShowJoinMessage"] = false;
                Config["ShowJoinMessage"] = true;

You can change and save configuration entries by simply assigning the new values and calling the save function.

Storing Data

Creating a data table

using System.Collections.Generic;
using Oxide.Core;

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)] 
    [Description("This example illustrates how to create a data file")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        class StoredData
            public HashSet<PlayerInfo> Players = new HashSet<PlayerInfo>();

            public StoredData()

        class PlayerInfo
            public string UserId;
            public string Name;

            public PlayerInfo()

            public PlayerInfo(BasePlayer player)
                UserId = player.userID.ToString();
                Name = player.displayName;

        StoredData storedData;

        void Loaded()
            storedData = Interface.Oxide.DataFileSystem.ReadObject<StoredData>("MyDataFile");

To store plugin related data to use in your plugin, you want to create a data file.

Saving a data table

using System.Collections.Generic;
using Oxide.Core;

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)] 
    [Description("This example illustrates how to save to a data file")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        class StoredData
            public HashSet<PlayerInfo> Players = new HashSet<PlayerInfo>();

            public StoredData()

        class PlayerInfo
            public string UserId;
            public string Name;

            public PlayerInfo()

            public PlayerInfo(IPlayer player)
                UserId = player.Id;
                Name = player.Name;

        StoredData storedData;

        void Loaded()
            storedData = Interface.Oxide.DataFileSystem.ReadObject<StoredData>("MyDataFile");

        void Test(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            var info = new PlayerInfo(player);
            if (storedData.Players.Contains(info))
                PrintToChat(player, "Your data has already been added to the file");
                PrintToChat(player, "Saving your data to the file");
                Interface.Oxide.DataFileSystem.WriteObject("MyDataFile", storedData);

Timers (Basic)

Timers are great for delaying code, allowing it to be run later.

Single timer

timer.Once(3f, () =>
    Puts("Hello world!")

Executes the specified function once after the specified delay.

Repeating timer

timer.Repeat(5f, 0, () =>
    Puts("Hello world!")

Executes the specified function every “delay” seconds.

If “repeats” is specified, the function will only be called “repeats” times.

Next frame timer

NextFrame(() =>
    Puts("Hello world!");

Executes the specified function at the next frame.

Web Requests

Web requests allow you to send a HTTP GET or POST to a specified URL.

The request will return true if the web request was sent, false if not. The callback is called with 2 parameters - an integer HTTP response code and a string response.

Basic Get method

using Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence;

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)]
    [Description("This example illustrates how to use a GET WebRequest")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        void GetRequest(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            webrequest.EnqueueGet("", (code, response) => GetCallback(code, response, player), this);

        void GetCallback(int code, string response, IPlayer player)
            if (response == null || code != 200)
                Puts($"Error: {code} - Couldn't get an answer from Google for {player.Name}");

            Puts($"Google answered for {player.Name}: {response}");

This uses the raw connection to a web page as you would on your browser.

Basic POST method

using Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence;

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)]
    [Description("This example illustrates how to use a POST WebRequest")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        void PostRequest(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            webrequest.EnqueuePost("", "param1=value1&param2=value2", (code, response) => PostCallback(code, response, player), this);

        void PostCallback(int code, string response, IPlayer player)
            if (response == null || code != 200)
                Puts($"Error: {code} - Couldn't get an answer from Google for {player.Name}");
            Puts("Google answered for " + player.Name + ": " + response);

Advanced GET method

using Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence;

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)]
    [Description("This example illustrates how to use a GET WebRequest")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        void GetRequest(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            // Set a custom timeout (in milliseconds)
            var timeout = 200f;

            // Set some custom request headers (eg. for HTTP Basic Auth)
            var headers = new Dictionary<string, string> { { "header", "value" } };

            webrequest.EnqueueGet("", (code, response) => GetCallback(code, response, player), this, headers, timeout);

        void GetCallback(int code, string response, IPlayer player)
            if (response == null || code != 200)
                Puts($"Error: {code} - Couldn't get an answer from Google for {player.Name}");

            Puts($"Google answered for {player.Name}: {response}");

Advanced POST method

using Oxide.Core.Libraries.Covalence;

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 1.0)]
    [Description("This example illustrates how to use a POST WebRequest")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        void PostRequest(IPlayer player, string command, string[] args)
            // Set a timeout (in milliseconds)
            var timeout = 200f;

            // Set some custom request headers (eg. for HTTP Basic Auth)
            var headers = new Dictionary<string, string> { { "header", "value" } };

            webrequest.EnqueuePost("", "param1=value1&param2=value2", (code, response) => PostCallback(code, response, player), this, headers, timeout);

        void PostCallback(int code, string response, IPlayer player)
            if (response == null || code != 200)
                Puts($"Error: {code} - Couldn't get an answer from Google for {player.Name}");
            Puts("Google answered for " + player.Name + ": " + response);

Plugin Calling

Oxide allows you to expose methods in your plugin and make them available to other plugins. This allows you to access objects or properties from other plugins without having to replicate functionality yourself.

Exposing a plugin’s method

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("EpicStuff", "Unknown", 0.1)]
    [Description("Makes epic stuff happen")]

    class EpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        // Plugin methods can be a simple bool that is returned
        bool GetReturn()
            return true;

        // Plugin methods can take parameters and return simple types
        string TakeParam(string param, int secondParam)
            if (param == "first parameter") return param;
            else return "First parameter didn't match!";

        // To return complex types, they should first be converted
        // into builtin types (e.g. types like JObject, JArray, etc. or builtin
        // collections like System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary)
        JObject ReturnObject()
            var myObject = new JObject();
            myObject["key"] = "value";
            myObject["array"] = new JArray();
            return myObject;

        // Plugin methods don't have to return something
        void SendMessage()
            Puts("You just called the 'SendMessage' method!");

Exposing a plugin’s method allows other plugins to call that method.

For example, you could write a plugin that does some player management, then allow other plugins to “query” it to get a list of players who have certain privileges set in the original plugin.

Calling a plugin’s method

namespace Oxide.Plugins
    [Info("SecondEpicStuff", "Unknown", 0.1)]
    [Description("Makes more epic stuff happen")]

    class SecondEpicStuff : CovalencePlugin
        // First, add a reference to the plugin you are trying to call
        // The name of this field needs to be the exact name of the desired plugin
        // eg. We are referencing the example plugin above which is called 'EpicStuff'
        [PluginReference] Plugin EpicStuff;

        // It's a good idea to check if the plugin you're trying to call
        // has been loaded by oxide (otherwise you can't call the method)
        void OnServerInitialized()
            // Note: Trying to do this check in the plugin Init() method may
            // fail, as the plugin load order may be different each time
            if (EpicStuff == null)
                PrintWarning("Plugin 'EpicStuff' was not found!");

        void CallPlugin()
            // Plugin methods return objects, so cast the API call to the type
            // you're expecting
            var getTypedReturn = (bool)EpicStuff?.Call("GetReturn");

            // Send parameters through as variables after the method name
            var takeParam = (string)EpicStuff?.Call("TakeParam", "param1", 1024);

            // Use to process the returned object
            var returnedObject = EpicStuff?.Call("ReturnObject");

            // Call a plugin to do some work without returning anything

Calling a plugin’s method allows you to access results from another plugin.

Item List

Item Id Item Name Item Shortname
2115555558 Handmade Shell
-533875561 Pistol Bullet ammo.pistol
1621541165 Incendiary Pistol Bullet
-422893115 HV Pistol Ammo ammo.pistol.hv
815896488 5.56 Rifle Ammo ammo.rifle
805088543 Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo ammo.rifle.explosive
1152393492 HV 5.56 Rifle Ammo ammo.rifle.hv
449771810 Incendiary 5.56 Rifle Ammo ammo.rifle.incendiary
1578894260 Rocket ammo.rocket.basic
1436532208 Incendiary Rocket
542276424 High Velocity Rocket ammo.rocket.hv
1594947829 Smoke Rocket WIP!!!! ammo.rocket.smoke
-1035059994 12 Gauge Buckshot ammo.shotgun
1819281075 12 Gauge Slug ammo.shotgun.slug
1685058759 Anti-Radiation Pills antiradpills
93029210 Apple apple
-1565095136 Rotten Apple apple.spoiled
-1280058093 High Velocity Arrow arrow.hv
-420273765 Wooden Arrow arrow.wooden
-148163128 Hide Boots
936777834 Hide Halterneck attire.hide.helterneck
-135651869 Hide Pants attire.hide.pants
102672084 Hide Poncho attire.hide.poncho
-132588262 Hide Skirt attire.hide.skirt
-1666761111 Hide Vest attire.hide.vest
563023711 Auto Turret autoturret
790921853 Salvaged Axe axe.salvaged
-337261910 Bandage bandage
498312426 Concrete Barricade barricade.concrete
504904386 Metal Barricade barricade.metal
-1221200300 Sandbag Barricade barricade.sandbags
510887968 Stone Barricade barricade.stone
-814689390 Wooden Barricade barricade.wood
1024486167 Barbed Wooden Barricade barricade.woodwire
2021568998 Battery - Small battery.small
1325935999 Bear Meat bearmeat
-2066726403 Burnt Bear Meat bearmeat.burned
-2043730634 Bear Meat Cooked bearmeat.cooked
97409 Bed bed
1611480185 Black Raspberries black.raspberries
-1386464949 Bleach bleach
93832698 Blood blood
-1063412582 Blueberries blueberries
-1887162396 Blueprint blueprintbase
569119686 Bone Armor bone.armor.suit
919780768 Bone Club
-365801095 Bone Fragments bone.fragments
68998734 Bota Bag botabag
-853695669 Hunting Bow bow.hunting
-1026117678 Repair Bench
-770311783 Wood Storage Box box.wooden
271534758 Large Wood Box box.wooden.large
1260209393 Bucket Helmet bucket.helmet
-1192532973 Water Bucket bucket.water
-307490664 Building Plan building.planner
115739308 Leather Gloves burlap.gloves
-1035315940 Burlap Headwrap burlap.headwrap
707427396 Burlap Shirt burlap.shirt
707432758 Burlap Shoes
1767561705 Burlap Trousers burlap.trousers
-2079677721 Cactus Flesh cactusflesh
-139769801 Camp Fire campfire
-1043746011 Can of Beans can.beans
2080339268 Empty Can Of Beans can.beans.empty
-171664558 Can of Tuna can.tuna
1050986417 Empty Tuna Can can.tuna.empty
523409530 Candy Cane candycane
1300054961 CCTV Camera
-2095387015 Ceiling Light ceilinglight
94623429 Chair chair
1436001773 Charcoal charcoal
1711323399 Burned Chicken chicken.burned
1734319168 Cooked Chicken. chicken.cooked
-1658459025 Raw Chicken Breast chicken.raw
-726947205 Spoiled Chicken chicken.spoiled
-341443994 Chocolate Bar chocholate
2045107609 Corn Clone clone.corn
2045246801 Hemp Clone clone.hemp
509654999 Pumpkin Plant Clone clone.pumpkin
94756378 Cloth cloth
3059095 Coal :( coal
-2128719593 Coffee Can Helmet coffeecan.helmet
3059624 Corn corn
2123300234 Crossbow crossbow
1983936587 Crude Oil crude.oil
1257201758 Tool Cupboard cupboard.tool
-1178289187 Bone Helmet deer.skull.mask
-225234813 Burned Deer Meat deermeat.burned
-202239044 Cooked Deer Meat deermeat.cooked
-322501005 Raw Deer Meat deermeat.raw
-778796102 Door Closer door.closer
-1598790097 Sheet Metal Double Door door.double.hinged.metal
-933236257 Armored Double Door door.double.hinged.toptier
-1575287163 Wood Double Door door.double.hinged.wood
-2104481870 Sheet Metal Door door.hinged.metal
-1571725662 Armored Door door.hinged.toptier
1456441506 Wooden Door door.hinged.wood
1200628767 Door Key door.key
1925723260 Drop Box dropbox
1891056868 Duct Tape ducttape
1295154089 Satchel Charge explosive.satchel
498591726 Timed Explosive Charge explosive.timed
1755466030 Explosives explosives
-1034048911 Animal Fat fat.animal
-2078972355 Cooked Fish fish.cooked
88869913 Minnows fish.minnows
-533484654 Raw Fish fish.raw
865679437 Small Trout fish.troutsmall
1369769822 Survival Fish Trap fishtrap.small
1045869440 Flame Thrower flamethrower
1985408483 Flame Turret flameturret
97513422 Flare flare
-1722829188 A floor grill floor.grill
1849912854 Ladder Hatch floor.ladder.hatch
-1266285051 Fridge fridge
-217113639 Acoustic Guitar fun.guitar
-505639592 Furnace furnace
1598149413 Large Furnace furnace.large
-1779401418 High External Stone Gate gates.external.high.stone
-57285700 High External Wooden Gate gates.external.high.wood
98228420 Gears gears
277631078 Wind Turbine generator.wind.scrap
3175989 Glue glue
718197703 Granola Bar granolabar
384204160 Beancan Grenade grenade.beancan
-1308622549 F1 Grenade grenade.f1
-1580059655 Gun Powder gunpowder
378365037 Shotgun Trap guntrap
-1224598842 Hammer hammer
-1976561211 Salvaged Hammer hammer.salvaged
-1406876421 Beenie Hat hat.beenie
-1397343301 Boonie Hat hat.boonie
-1381682752 Candle Hat hat.candle
696727039 Baseball Cap hat.cap
-450738836 Miners Hat hat.miner
124310981 Wolf Headdress hat.wolf
698310895 Hatchet hatchet
523855532 Hazmat Suit hazmatsuit
1351172108 Heavy Plate Helmet heavy.plate.helmet
1404466285 Heavy Plate Jacket heavy.plate.jacket
-1334615971 Heavy Plate Pants heavy.plate.pants
-1211618504 Hoodie hoodie
2133577942 High Quality Metal Ore hq.metal.ore
-1014825244 Burned Human Meat humanmeat.burned
-991829475 Cooked Human Meat humanmeat.cooked
-642008142 Raw Human Meat humanmeat.raw
661790782 Spoiled Human Meat humanmeat.spoiled
-1440143841 Salvaged Icepick icepick.salvaged
-1167640370 Jacket jacket
-1616887133 Snow Jacket - Red jacket.snow
-1284735799 Jack O Lantern Angry jackolantern.angry
-1278649848 Jack O Lantern Happy jackolantern.happy
776005741 Bone Knife knife.bone
108061910 Wooden Ladder ladder.wooden.wall
-51678842 Lantern lantern
-789202811 Large Medkit largemedkit
50834473 Leather leather
193190034 M249 lmg.m249
-975723312 Code Lock lock.code
1908195100 Lock lock.key
-1097452776 Locker locker
146685185 Longsword longsword
28178745 Low Grade Fuel lowgradefuel
3343606 Mace mace
825308669 Machete machete
830965940 Mail Box mailbox
107868 Paper Map map
997973965 Improvised Balaclava mask.balaclava
-46188931 Bandana Mask mask.bandana
-253819519 Raw Pork meat.boar
968732481 Burned Pork meat.pork.burned
991728250 Cooked Pork meat.pork.cooked
-46848560 Metal Facemask metal.facemask
688032252 Metal Fragments metal.fragments
-1059362949 Metal Ore metal.ore
1265861812 Metal Chest Plate metal.plate.torso
374890416 High Quality Metal metal.refined
1567404401 Metal Blade metalblade
-1057402571 Metal Pipe metalpipe
1835797460 Metal Spring metalspring
-758925787 Pump Jack mining.pumpjack
-1411620422 Mining Quarry mining.quarry
843418712 Mushroom mushroom
3387378 Note note
106433500 Pants pants
-459156023 Shorts pants.shorts
106434956 Paper paper
-578028723 Pick Axe pickaxe
-1379225193 Eoka Pistol pistol.eoka
371156815 M92 Pistol pistol.m92
2033918259 Python Revolver pistol.python
-930579334 Revolver pistol.revolver
548699316 Semi-Automatic Pistol pistol.semiauto
142147109 Large Planter Box planter.large
148953073 Small Planter Box planter.small
640562379 Pookie Bear pookie.bear
1974032895 Empty Propane Tank propanetank
-225085592 Pumpkin pumpkin
1987447227 Research Table research.table
540154065 Research Paper researchpaper
-1461508848 Assault Rifle rifle.ak
-55660037 Bolt Action Rifle rifle.bolt
-1716193401 LR-300 Assault Rifle rifle.lr300
-1745053053 Semi-Automatic Rifle rifle.semiauto
1939428458 Rifle Body riflebody
340009023 Riot Helmet riot.helmet
-288010497 Road Sign Jacket roadsign.jacket
-1595790889 Road Sign Kilt roadsign.kilt
-847065290 Road Signs roadsigns
3506021 Rock rock
649603450 Rocket Launcher rocket.launcher
3506418 Rope rope
113284 Rug rug
569935070 Rug Bear Skin rug.bear
-1775234707 Salvaged Cleaver salvaged.cleaver
-388967316 Salvaged Sword salvaged.sword
2007564590 Santa Hat santahat
109266897 Scrap scrap
-527558546 Search Light searchlight
583366917 Corn Seed seed.corn
583506109 Hemp Seed seed.hemp
466113771 Pumpkin Seed seed.pumpkin
1223860752 Semi Automatic Body semibody
-419069863 Sewing Kit sewingkit
-1617374968 Sheet Metal sheetmetal
2057749608 Salvaged Shelves shelves
24576628 Shirt shirt.collared
-1659202509 Tank Top shirt.tanktop
2107229499 Boots
191795897 Double Barrel Shotgun shotgun.double
-1009492144 Pump Shotgun shotgun.pump
2077983581 Waterpipe Shotgun shotgun.waterpipe
-529054135 Metal horizontal embrasure shutter.metal.embrasure.a
-529054134 Metal Vertical embrasure shutter.metal.embrasure.b
486166145 Wood Shutters shutter.wood.a
1498516223 Two Sided Hanging Sign sign.hanging
1628490888 Large Banner Hanging sign.hanging.banner.large
-632459882 Two Sided Ornate Hanging Sign sign.hanging.ornate
-626812403 Landscape Picture Frame sign.pictureframe.landscape
385802761 Portrait Picture Frame sign.pictureframe.portrait
2117976603 Tall Picture Frame sign.pictureframe.tall
1338515426 XL Picture Frame sign.pictureframe.xl
-1455694274 XXL Picture Frame sign.pictureframe.xxl
1579245182 Large Banner on pole sign.pole.banner.large
-587434450 Double Sign Post
-163742043 Single Sign Post
-1224714193 One Sided Town Sign Post
644359987 Two Sided Town Sign Post
-1962514734 Huge Wooden Sign sign.wooden.huge
-705305612 Large Wooden Sign sign.wooden.large
-357728804 Wooden Sign sign.wooden.medium
-698499648 Small Wooden Sign sign.wooden.small
960793436 Human Skull skull.human
1001265731 Wolf Skull skull.wolf
1253290621 Sleeping Bag sleepingbag
470729623 Small Oil Refinery small.oil.refinery
927253046 Small Water Bottle smallwaterbottle
109552593 Custom SMG smg.2
-2094080303 MP5A4 smg.mp5
456448245 Thompson smg.thompson
-2092529553 SMG Body smgbody
-2118132208 Stone Spear spear.stone
-1127699509 Wooden Spear spear.wooden
-685265909 Wooden Floor Spikes spikes.floor
552706886 Spinning wheel spinner.wheel
1051155022 Small Stash stash.small
-892259869 Sticks sticks
-1623330855 SUPER Stocking stocking.large
-1616524891 Small Stocking stocking.small
789892804 Stone Pick Axe stone.pickaxe
-1289478934 Stone Hatchet stonehatchet
-892070738 Stones stones
-891243783 Sulfur sulfur
889398893 Sulfur Ore sulfur.ore
-1625468793 Supply Signal supply.signal
1293049486 Survey Charge surveycharge
586484018 Medical Syringe syringe.medical
110115790 Table table
2069925558 Reactive Target target.reactive
1490499512 Targeting Computer
3552619 Tarp tarp
1471284746 Tech Trash techparts
-1480119738 Binoculars tool.binoculars
-1342405573 Camera
110547964 Torch torch
1046072789 Snap Trap trap.bear
255101535 Land Mine trap.landmine
-864578046 T-Shirt tshirt
1660607208 Longsleeve T-Shirt tshirt.long
260214178 Tuna Can Lamp tunalight
-1847536522 Vending Machine vending.machine
-1792066367 High External Wooden Wall wall.external.high
-496055048 High External Stone Wall wall.external.high.stone
-427925529 Prison Cell Wall wall.frame.cell
562888306 Prison Cell Gate wall.frame.cell.gate
-378017204 Chainlink Fence wall.frame.fence
995306285 Chainlink Fence Gate wall.frame.fence.gate
313836902 Netting wall.frame.netting
1175970190 Shop Front wall.frame.shopfront
525244071 Metal Shop Front wall.frame.shopfront.metal
-1021702157 Metal Window Bars wall.window.bars.metal
-402507101 Reinforced Window Bars wall.window.bars.toptier
-1556671423 Wooden Window Bars wall.window.bars.wood
112903447 Water water
-1628526499 Water Barrel water.barrel
1817873886 Large Water Catcher water.catcher.large
1824679850 Small Water Catcher water.catcher.small
1840561315 Water Purifier water.purifier
1916127949 Salt Water water.salt
547302405 Water Jug waterjug
1229879204 Weapon Flashlight weapon.mod.flashlight
-465236267 Holosight weapon.mod.holosight
516382256 Weapon Lasersight weapon.mod.lasersight
-1569356508 Muzzle Boost weapon.mod.muzzleboost
-1569280852 Muzzle Brake weapon.mod.muzzlebrake
1213686767 Silencer weapon.mod.silencer
386382445 Simple Handmade Sight weapon.mod.simplesight
-141135377 4x Zoom Scope weapon.mod.small.scope
-1714986849 Burned Wolf Meat wolfmeat.burned
-1691991080 Cooked Wolf Meat wolfmeat.cooked
179448791 Raw Wolf Meat wolfmeat.raw
431617507 Spoiled Wolf Meat wolfmeat.spoiled
3655341 Wood wood
1501403549 Wood Armor Helmet wood.armor.helmet
1554697726 Wood Chestplate wood.armor.jacket
-1883959124 Wood Armor Pants wood.armor.pants
-1732316031 Large Present xmas.present.large
-2130280721 Medium Present xmas.present.medium
-1725510067 Small Present xmas.present.small

Item Skins

Acoustic Guitar (fun.guitar)

Skin Id Skin name
809801196 Addicted Guitarist
826914904 Army Acoustic Guitar
809938266 Black Acoustic Guitar
844914652 No War Guitar

Armored Door (door.hinged.toptier)

Skin Id Skin name
930478674 Armored Vault Door
869475498 Clockwork Portal
804286931 Corroded Bronze Door
911652483 Green Armored Container Door
801889927 High Voltage
801937986 Incarceration Armored Door
933057923 Keep Out Armored Door
801831553 Laboratory Armored Door
839925176 Military Armored Door
809638761 No Escape
807729959 Radioactive Armored Door
885928673 Urban Armored Door

Assault Rifle (rifle.ak)

Skin Id Skin name
849047662 Agony Yellow
887494035 Aircraft Parts AK47
859845460 Alien Red
809190373 Battle-Scarred AKS47
924020531 Cartagena AK47
875130056 Claw AK47
840477492 Crimson King
885146172 Dark Flames
10135 Digital Camo AK47
920472848 Doombringer AK47
928950425 Epidemic AK47
940035827 Fate Destroyer
903882218 Frost Wolf
889710179 Glory AK47
908297014 Lonewolf AK47 - Blue
10137 Military Camo AK47
911726740 Rabble Rouser AK47
895307805 Retro Car Parts AK47
654502185 Rustpunk AK47
10138 Tempered AK47

Bandana Mask (mask.bandana)

Skin Id Skin name
10061 Black Bandana
10060 Blue Bandana
10067 Checkered Bandana
10104 Creepy Clown Bandana
10066 Desert Camo Bandana
10063 Forest Camo Bandana
10059 Green Bandana
903595865 Jawboy
10065 Red Skull Bandana
10064 Skull Bandana
10062 Snow Camo Bandana
10079 Wizard Bandana

Baseball Cap (hat.cap)

Skin Id Skin name
10029 Blue Cap
10027 Forest Camo Cap
10055 Friendly Cap
10030 Green Cap
10026 Grey Cap
10028 Red Cap
10045 Rescue Cap
890772638 Toothy Hat
893188334 Top Cap

Beenie Hat (hat.beenie)

Skin Id Skin name
14180 Black Beenie Hat
10018 Blue Beenie Hat
10017 Green Beenie Hat
594202145 Gunner Beanie
10040 Rasta Beenie
10016 Red Beenie Hat
10085 Winter Deers

Bolt Action Rifle (rifle.bolt)

Skin Id Skin name
818403150 Army Bolt Rifle
897023403 Deadly Rose BAR
10117 Dreamcatcher
10115 Ghost Bolt Rifle
875259050 Great War Service Rifle
943036098 Hunter’s Bolt
840105253 Polymer BAR
819149392 Rustpunk Rifle
10116 Tundra Bolt Rifle

Bone Club (

Skin Id Skin name
791109245 Little Friend
888839261 Maracas Bone Club
945026868 Sacrificial Club

Bone Helmet (deer.skull.mask)

Skin Id Skin name
784259585 Demonic Deer Skull
882204381 The Plague Doctor
837166252 Uprising Deer Skull Mask

Bone Knife (knife.bone)

Skin Id Skin name
808955868 Etched Edge Bone Knife
909612594 Paititi Bone Knife
945031477 Sacrificial Knife
933322251 Studded Bone Knife

Boonie Hat (hat.boonie)

Skin Id Skin name
10058 Farmer Hat
587812040 Fisherman Boonie Hat
844289539 Flower Hat
865054618 Leather Boonie Hat
833565406 PVC Hat

Boots (

Skin Id Skin name
882570089 Armored Boots
869090082 Army Armored Boots
826587881 Army Black Boots
10080 Army Boots
10023 Black Boots
10088 Bloody Boots
899942107 Caravanner Boots
838205144 Combat Boots
919261524 Explorer Boots
784559403 Hazard Move Boots
10034 Punk Boots
613481881 Rock Star Boots
10044 Scavenged Sneaker Boots
809586899 Tactical Boots
10022 Tan Boots
944997041 Yellow Race Boots

Bucket Helmet (bucket.helmet)

Skin Id Skin name
831798567 Graffiti Bucket Helmet
926313433 Green Riveted Bucket Helmet
10127 Medic Helmet
867605376 Rusty Bucket Helmet
784438982 Smilin’ Jack
885450077 Super Happy Bucket
889767601 The King’s Bucket
564826303 Wooden Bucket

Burlap Headwrap (burlap.headwrap)

Skin Id Skin name
896506958 Brotherhood Headwrap
861551572 Crimson Headwrap
868014709 Outlaw Headwrap
785890135 SandPrince

Burlap Shirt (burlap.shirt)

Skin Id Skin name
849866944 Biker Dad
809909900 Burlap and Leather Vest
654502725 Captain’s Vest and Shirt
926478499 Desert Outlaw Burlap Shirt
10136 Pirate Vest & Shirt
882451685 Sleazy Rider

Burlap Shoes (

Skin Id Skin name
906443871 Broken Ankles Cast
790679533 Burlap Ninja Slippers

Burlap Trousers (burlap.trousers)

Skin Id Skin name
921250017 Desert Outlaw Burlap Pants
809968188 Recycled Tarp Pants

Chair (chair)

Skin Id Skin name
875258235 Antique Dining Chair
871339422 Danger Chair
897656037 Muerto Chair
871271807 Red Leather Chair

Coffee Can Helmet (coffeecan.helmet)

Skin Id Skin name
848645884 Apocalypse Helmet
914060966 Army Armored Helmet
843676357 Lizard Skull
891592450 Nordic Beast Helmet
806212029 Rusty Coffee Can Helmet
784910461 Skull Hazard
814098474 Spare Parts
919595880 Sunrise Helmet
809816871 Warboy Helmet
854460770 Welding Helmet

Concrete Barricade (barricade.concrete)

Skin Id Skin name
828182621 Metal Barricade
846663258 Military Barricade
924112225 Outpost Concrete Barricade
939333522 Railway Barricade
791070521 Road Barrier

Crossbow (crossbow)

Skin Id Skin name
915855989 Ancient Artifact Crossbow
874268567 Chrome Crossbow
883141682 Doomwing Crossbow
818070371 Engraved Crossbow
809964230 HazardCross
856029421 Tank Crossbow

Custom SMG (smg.2)

Skin Id Skin name
820350952 Alien Relic SMG
820402694 Anarchy SMG
866745136 Bandito SMG
931547202 Engineer SMG
816728172 Firestarter Custom SMG
897099822 Hailstorm SMG
892212957 Hunter SMG
904964438 Looter’s SMG
854914986 Tank SMG
822943156 tRUSTy Friend

Double Barrel Shotgun (shotgun.double)

Skin Id Skin name
916790605 Aircraft Parts DBS
865019380 Bespoke DBS
854987948 Heat Double Shotgun
860153737 Industrial DBS
858957151 Nitro-Maniac DBS

Eoka Pistol (pistol.eoka)

Skin Id Skin name
856053892 Banana Eoka
898387222 Birch Eoka
856225258 Flintlock
926184643 Japanese Tanegashima
920310954 Nordic Relic
857750032 Primal Gun

F1 Grenade (grenade.f1)

Skin Id Skin name
836745325 Fire and Brimstone Grenade
936182773 Smile Grenade
815252048 Voodoo Grenade

Fridge (fridge)

Skin Id Skin name
869398873 Aircraft Parts Fridge
864918396 Biohazard Fridge
873612402 Urban Fridge
886416273 Victorian Food Vault

Hammer (hammer)

Skin Id Skin name
938806184 Builders Guild Hammer
833423263 Scorched Hammer
822539548 Welded Hammer

Hatchet (hatchet)

Skin Id Skin name
892263562 Ancient Artifact Hatchet
814630559 Firefighter Hatchet
824552943 Golden Axe
924242197 Iron Jaws Hatchet
915910717 Iron Wing
816715928 Military Hatchet
944497252 Ornate Axe
910196839 Red Chopper
912857899 Replacement Blade Hatchet
928879549 Sunrise Hatchet
826402867 Veteran Hatchet
814713259 Vikings Tomahawk
825033005 Vintage Hatchet

Hide Boots (

Skin Id Skin name
785347695 Native American Hide Shoes
837175591 Uprising Hide Shoes

Hide Halterneck (attire.hide.helterneck)

Skin Id Skin name
798669794 Caution Tape Top
845019310 Leopard Top

Hide Pants (attire.hide.pants)

Skin Id Skin name
837179220 Uprising Hide Pants

Hide Poncho (attire.hide.poncho)

Skin Id Skin name
833524594 Camo Netting
788732722 Grey Wolf Hide Poncho
825459163 Toymaker Poncho
837191793 Uprising Hide Poncho

Hide Skirt (attire.hide.skirt)

Skin Id Skin name
831920129 Blue Tarp Skirt
793180528 Irish Kilt

Hide Vest (attire.hide.vest)

Skin Id Skin name
878319804 Celtic Hide Shirt

Hoodie (hoodie)

Skin Id Skin name
897890977 Army Armored Hoodie
10142 BCHILLZ! Hoodie
14179 Black Hoodie
10052 Bloody Hoodie
14178 Blue Hoodie
10133 Cuda87 Hoodie
904963081 Denim Studded Hoodie
889718910 Desert Conqueror Hoodie
14072 Green Hoodie
895065994 Leather Strapped Hoodie
914621940 Looter’s Hoodie
939604165 Nordic Beast Hoodie
797128321 Official Vertiigo Hoodie
661319427 Ranger’s Vest
919353761 Regulator’s Hoodie
10132 Rhinocrunch Hoodie
10129 Safety Crew
835836079 Scudpunk Hoodie
10086 Skeleton Hoodie
677636990 Tank Crew Hoodie
803249256 Unknown Territory Hoodie
941172099 Yellow Police Jacket
926162531 Yellow Racer Hoodie

Improvised Balaclava (mask.balaclava)

Skin Id Skin name
843976918 Burglar Mask
539536877 Burlap Brains Balaclava
10069 Desert Camo Balaclava
10071 Double Yellow Balaclava
884484239 Executioner Latex
10068 Forest Camo Balaclava
813561728 Knitted Balaclava
858156568 Meat Mask
10057 Murica Balaclava
856403207 Nerd Glasses
10075 Nightmare Balaclava
10070 Red Check Balaclava
10054 Rorschach Skull
807719156 Santa Balaclava
10090 Skin Balaclava
539562549 Stitched Skin
10084 The Rust Knight
851779943 Toupee
10139 Valentine Balaclava
10111 Zipper Face

Jacket (jacket)

Skin Id Skin name
10011 Blue Jacket
10012 Desert Jacket
834233801 Fire jacket
10009 Green Jacket
10015 Hunting Jacket
10013 Multicam Jacket
10072 Provocateur Jacket
10010 Red Jacket
10008 Snowcamo Jacket
10014 Urban Camo Jacket

Large Wood Box (box.wooden.large)

Skin Id Skin name
813269955 Ammo Box
10124 Ammo Wooden Box
892062620 Cabin Chest
810383121 Christmas Holiday LWB
10122 Christmas Storage
854002617 Components Storage
576569265 D.O.A Trunk
798455489 Explosives Box
10123 First Aid Green
882223700 First Aid Large Box
809975811 Food Box Large
10141 Gun Box
797422750 Large Stone Box
904962497 Long Hauler’s Trunk
851053322 Medieval Box
928502682 Metropolitan Trunk
842083350 Military Crate
942917320 Mini Nuke Case
932160919 Padded Armor Trunk
878850459 Recyclables Box
881249489 Royal Wooden Box
890915277 Urban Large Wood Storage
854718942 Weapons Box

Leather Gloves (burlap.gloves)

Skin Id Skin name
874488180 Army Armored Gloves
816473273 Black Alligator
10128 Boxer’s Bandages
883476299 Bruiser Gloves
904961862 Caravanner Gloves
661317919 Duelist Gloves
610098458 Motorcycle Gloves

Locker (locker)

Skin Id Skin name
879343335 Army Locker
879533969 Grid Locker
881997061 Muertos Locker
881411749 Permanent Detention

Longsleeve T-Shirt (tshirt.long)

Skin Id Skin name
10047 Aztec Long T-Shirt
801204141 Battle Worn Long TShirt
10004 Black Longsleeve T-Shirt
808300545 Christmas Elf
512107102 Christmas Jumper
10106 Creepy Jack
10050 Frankensteins Sweater
10032 Green Checkered Shirt
10005 Grey Longsleeve T-Shirt
566893368 Lawman
10118 Merry Reindeer
10051 Nightmare Sweater
10006 Orange Longsleeve T-Shirt
10036 Sign Painter
10042 Varsity Jacket
10007 Yellow Longsleeve T-Shirt

Longsword (longsword)

Skin Id Skin name
825169057 Danger Fork
796733487 Hot-tempered Longsword
831965423 Kryss Longsword
855009078 Wakizashi
825008040 Xtreme Sword

Metal Chest Plate (metal.plate.torso)

Skin Id Skin name
832233112 Chainmail
842577956 Chest Resistance
924019814 Engineer’s Chest Plate
796728308 Flak Vest - Green
794169855 Forest Camo Chest Plate
823132085 Hazardous Grater Chest Plate
944835223 Hornet Chestplate
895066686 Looter’s Chain and Plate
828888000 Machina Plate
817022417 Metal Barrel Chest Plate
819160334 Oil Barrel Chest Plate
797410767 Plate Carrier - Black
798736321 Press Vest
799657859 Racing Stripes Chest Plate
934627208 Retro Car Parts Chestplate
900807753 Salvaged Plating Armor

Metal Facemask (metal.facemask)

Skin Id Skin name
901668040 Army Armored Facemask
832021670 Army Facemask
792649975 Aztek Night Hunter
784316334 Big Grin
799044333 Blingin Grill
821441043 BoltFace Metal Facemask
835026584 Bronze War Mask
831923884 Carbon Facemask
792079554 Death Facemask
915572534 Flesh Facemask
807821375 Frostbite
794837198 Glowing Skull
812933296 Human Sacrifice Mask
881687672 Hunter Mask
806983252 Industrial Protection Mask
899001394 Juggernaut Mask
895067146 Looter’s Mask
828888629 Machina Mask
841012325 Mask of Sacrifice
924019464 Metalmute Facemask
900645045 Mosaic Mask
943128194 Overlord Mask
803894027 Punishment Mask
792905158 Rusted Smile
792827436 Sacrificial Mask
896211631 Scavenger Facemask
907176719 Scrapyard Curse
824898622 Stainless Facemask
816530945 Steampunk Leather Mask
915693648 Sunrise Metal Facemask
800980236 Tempered Mask
832934294 Where Eagles Dare

Miners Hat (hat.miner)

Skin Id Skin name
886968007 Army Miner Hat
788260164 Train Conductor Miner’s Hat
886318490 Workman’s Safety Hat

MP5A4 (smg.mp5)

Skin Id Skin name
904404578 Dead Fish MP5
796679172 Digital Camo MP5
833639834 Elite Mp5
796687275 Military Camo MP5
911612956 Nomad MP5
808554348 Polymer MP5
892100306 Spitfire MP5
853438134 Tank MP5
800974015 Tempered Mp5
914624163 Urban Camo MP5

Pants (pants)

Skin Id Skin name
888360095 Army Armored Pants
10001 Blue Jeans
10049 Blue Track Pants
909888619 Caravanner Pants
889714798 Desert Conqueror Pants
10019 Forest Camo Pants
939586076 Nordic Beast Pants
10078 Old Prisoner Pants
823154911 One Percenter Chaps
10048 Punk Rock Pants
10021 Snow Camo Pants
798690647 Steppe Camo Pants
10020 Urban Camo Pants
930559188 Yellow Racer Pants

Pick Axe (pickaxe)

Skin Id Skin name
904296143 Ancient Artifact Pick Axe
828884658 Gold Digger
859743520 Military Pick Axe
832799172 Rescue Pick Axe
863455081 Tarnished Sun Pick Axe

Pump Shotgun (shotgun.pump)

Skin Id Skin name
10074 Chieftain Pump Shotgun
813631833 Native Gold
813628651 Native Yellow
921253888 Polymer Pump Shotgun
850130444 Tank Pump Shotgun
849997025 The Billy Baroo
10140 The Swampmaster
731119713 Urban Afterburn Pump Shotgun

Reactive Target (target.reactive)

Skin Id Skin name
824001540 Led Light Target
791177585 On Target

Revolver (pistol.revolver)

Skin Id Skin name
910665268 Bandito Revolver
855087726 Defender
815532676 Eightball
937338314 Firefighter Revolver
873242795 Frostbitten Revolver
809865395 Handmade Revolver
809822151 Hot-tempered Revolver
933056389 Junkyard Revolver
10114 Outback revolver
809897611 Outlaw Revolver
911828654 Patriot Revolver
887846629 Western Revolver Gold

Riot Helmet (riot.helmet)

Skin Id Skin name
869125904 Biker Goth Helmet
930923611 Blast Shield Helmet
849872204 Born To Loot
801095823 Captain’s Helmet
937863435 Checkpoint Riot Helmet
911015530 Digger Helmet
887283623 Hardline Helmet
920983864 Medical Riot Helmet
869709888 Ruthless Riot Helmet
930563894 Yellow Racer Helmet

Road Sign Jacket (roadsign.jacket)

Skin Id Skin name
865659101 Army Sign Vest
801873550 British Sign Vest
818611894 Chopshop Body Armor
944577714 Epidemic Roadsign Vest
784581113 Hazard Protection Vest
879861502 Junker’s Vest
934744263 Junkyard Samurai Vest
892402754 Nordic Beast Vest
828175620 Spiked Metal Vest
932778217 Wasteland Legionnaire

Road Sign Kilt (roadsign.kilt)

Skin Id Skin name
865679836 Army Sign Kilt
801837047 British Sign Pants
818612271 Chopshop Kilt
944586866 Epidemic Roadsign Pants
784577443 Hazard Cover Pants
879861153 Junker’s Kilt
934742835 Junkyard Samurai Pants
794291485 Military Camo Roadsign Kilt
892414125 Nordic Beast Kilt
828173323 Spiked Metal Kilt

Rock (rock)

Skin Id Skin name
864277659 Fresh Brain
858285362 Frozen Turkey
804791902 Gold Rock
843429299 Hot Potato
807372963 Meteorite
933809748 Mossy Fossil
834287924 Ripe Watermelon
824904841 Shard of True Ice

Rocket Launcher (rocket.launcher)

Skin Id Skin name
879708939 Aircraft Parts RL
813795591 Army Surplus Rocket Launcher
894679426 Beans Cannon
875930670 Hot Topic
853494512 KNOCK KNOCK
926279011 Surge Rocket Launcher
812737524 ThatGermanGuy Warhawk

Rug (rug)

Skin Id Skin name
907327964 Rubber Hazard Mat
871072156 Soviet Carpet
870851438 Tailor`s Carpet

Rug Bear Skin (rug.bear)

Skin Id Skin name
870446546 Panda Rug

Salvaged Icepick (icepick.salvaged)

Skin Id Skin name
911446362 Dark Arts Icepick
820810719 Inferno Hazard Salvaged Icepick
844666224 Lavapick
843454856 Runic Ice Pick

Salvaged Sword (salvaged.sword)

Skin Id Skin name
828885909 Metal Roses Short Sword
893871715 Roadsign Sword
930557072 Trained To Kill
825240467 Wooden Sword

Sandbag Barricade (barricade.sandbags)

Skin Id Skin name
809144507 Grandmother’s Gift Barricade

Satchel Charge (explosive.satchel)

Skin Id Skin name
855256664 Bad News
908893157 BadaBoom Satchel Charge
860156815 Box O Love
856333895 Close Enough
855084816 Military Satchel Charge
855113878 Red Leather Day

Semi-Automatic Pistol (pistol.semiauto)

Skin Id Skin name
902487409 Aircraft Parts SAP
919535259 Armageddon SAP
883156158 Base Invaders SAP
924018875 Bitin’ Dog SAP
876007573 Chrome SAP
10087 Contamination Pistol
863443112 Desert Hunter
910681058 Direct Threat SAP
904356033 Fight Like a Girl
893118140 Fire Walk SAP
805925675 Golden Leaf SAP
10108 Halloween Bat
830255284 LCD Marine Sidearm
899942580 Looter’s SAP
853927198 Nightmare
830606037 Ol’ Greasy
804337360 Paint Rush SAP
798375117 Polymer SAP
868298519 Poseidon Semi Auto Pistol
10081 Reaper Note Pistol
10073 Red Shine Pistol
908722214 Retro Car Parts SAP
827533196 Salt Shaker SAP
829983759 Tehno Pistol
935205778 Yellow Racer SAP

Semi-Automatic Rifle (rifle.semiauto)

Skin Id Skin name
828616457 Army SAR
839302795 Bandito SAR
900921542 Fire Starter SAR
922119054 Forgotten Warfare SAR
840023839 Hazard Semi Auto Rifle
942919370 Meridian SAR
875259741 Sublime SAR
899564368 To Hell And Back
818613234 Workbench SAR

Sheet Metal Door (door.hinged.metal)

Skin Id Skin name
901194793 Ambulance Door
836815358 Army Metal Door
827190175 Doomsday Door
915684869 Fire Truck Door
942658960 Grey Fire Door
849614068 Hazard Metal Door
928503162 Jeweler’s Security Door
917719889 Laboratory Door
921076360 Locomotive Door
832957536 Metal Shutter Door
922419554 Military Vehicle Door
859864870 Prison Door
835119969 Recycled Garage Door
934924536 Roadsign Door
897274189 School Bus Door
883741993 Shipping Container Door
914869833 Truck Door

Shirt (shirt.collared)

Skin Id Skin name
885078753 Autumn Hunter’s Shirt
797241160 Charitable Rust 2016 Shirt
802078252 Green Lumberjack
802073199 Red Lumberjack
819818852 Sergeant Shirt
809704306 Survival Shirt
801955689 The Blue Death

Shorts (pants.shorts)

Skin Id Skin name
794678401 Camo Shorts
793871235 Cutoff Shorts
818068257 Homemade Shorts
799006291 Snow Camo Shorts

Sleeping Bag (sleepingbag)

Skin Id Skin name
10121 Aston Christmas
10037 Blue Plaid Sleeping Bag
909889024 Caravanner Bedroll
10119 Christmas Bag
809186722 Christmas Holiday Bag
539536110 Freshly Dug Grave
10107 Horror Bag
795398514 Jungle Camo Sleeping Bag
919353105 Ranger Bedroll
834487561 Red Survival Sleeping Bag
10077 Tiger Crown Sleeping Bag
944993672 Undead Bedroll
10076 Wood Camo Sleeping Bag

Snow Jacket - Red (jacket.snow)

Skin Id Skin name
530154777 60’s Army Jacket
10113 Black
913227043 Fireman’s Jacket
530159711 Salvaged Shirt, Coat and Tie
839466039 Telogreika Jacket
10112 Woodland

Stone Hatchet (stonehatchet)

Skin Id Skin name
887663210 Chieftain Stone Hatchet
797445687 Ice Tooth
854688691 Large Fruit Pit Hatchet
912599650 Soul Reaper Stone Hatchet
878257758 Volcanic Stone Hatchet

Stone Pick Axe (stone.pickaxe)

Skin Id Skin name
840380436 Bloody Tooth Pickaxe
886904592 Jawbreaker
837149011 Uprising Stone Pickaxe

Table (table)

Skin Id Skin name
875258582 Antique Dining Table
872346354 Off The Grid
909129983 Parquet Table

Tank Top (shirt.tanktop)

Skin Id Skin name
784578916 Black Mesh Crop Top

Thompson (smg.thompson)

Skin Id Skin name
561462394 Santa’s Little Helper
839819171 Wasteland Hunter

T-Shirt (tshirt)

Skin Id Skin name
10130 Argyle Scavenger
10033 Baseball Tshirt
10003 Black Tshirt
14177 Blue Tshirt
851890495 Crossbone Crew
489329801 Facepunch TShirt
14181 Forest Camo Tshirt
10024 German Tshirt
10035 Hacker Valley Veteran
10046 Missing Textures TShirt
10038 Murderer T-Shirt
101 Red Tshirt
10025 Russia Tshirt
10002 Sandbox Game Shirt
10134 Ser Winter TShirt
489687236 Shadowfrax TShirt
10041 Skull & Bones TShirt
10053 Smile T-Shirt
10039 Target Practice T-Shirt
584379 Urban Camo
10043 Vyshyvanka Shirt

Vending Machine (vending.machine)

Skin Id Skin name
861029759 Army Vending Machine
862137836 Base Invaders
869474635 Brass Vending Machine
860916780 Rox Black Vending Machine
862291005 RustyCola Machine
861548229 Sand Tone Vending Machine
871927557 Urban Vending Machine

Water Purifier (water.purifier)

Skin Id Skin name
886677071 Distillery
786826476 Radioactive Water Purifier

Waterpipe Shotgun (shotgun.waterpipe)

Skin Id Skin name
907070012 Hot Topic Waterpipe Shotgun
912464069 Riveted Pipe Shotgun
819137470 Rustpunk Scattergun
661319648 RustPunk Waterpipe Shotgun
10143 The Peace Pipe
832764933 Western Waterpipe Shotgun

Wood Storage Box (box.wooden)

Skin Id Skin name
787716105 First Aid Box
885103417 Medieval Small Wooden Box
889212734 Seed Box
930694436 Small Medical Box

Wooden Door (door.hinged.wood)

Skin Id Skin name
838700836 Bleached Ebony Door
804991715 Christmas Tree Door
809253752 Door to Heaven
804854812 Old Heavy Wooden Door
847902281 Porthole Door
923763807 Riveted Wooden Door

Prefabs List



Category Subcategory Name
animals bear
animals boar
animals chicken
animals horse
animals stag
animals wolf
clutter cliffside boulder1
clutter cliffside boulder3
clutter driftwood driftwood-1
clutter driftwood driftwood-2
clutter driftwood driftwood-3
clutter driftwood driftwood-4
clutter driftwood driftwood-5
clutter forestferns fern-a-1
clutter forestferns fern-a-2
clutter forestferns fern-b-1
clutter forestferns fern-b-2
clutter forestflowers flowers-white
clutter forestflowers flowers-yellow
clutter forestmediumgrowth bush-snakeweed-1
clutter forestmediumgrowth bush-snakeweed-2
clutter forestweeds knapweed
clutter forestweeds knapweed-flower
clutter grassflowers flowers-red
clutter grassflowers flowers-violet
clutter grassflowers flowers-white
clutter grassflowers flowers-yellow
clutter grassweeds snakeweed-1
clutter grassweeds snakeweed-2
clutter grassweeds snakeweed-flower-1
clutter grassweeds snakeweed-flower-2
clutter icesheet icesheets-1
clutter icesheet icesheets-2
clutter icesheet icesheets-3
clutter icesheet icesheets-4
clutter icesheet icesheets-5
clutter icesheet icesheets-6
clutter icesheet icesheets-7
collectable hemp hemp
collectable mushrooms mushroom-cluster-1
collectable mushrooms mushroom-cluster-2
collectable mushrooms mushroom-cluster-3
collectable mushrooms mushroom-cluster-4
collectable mushrooms mushroom-cluster-5
collectable mushrooms mushroom-cluster-6
collectable stone metalore-2
collectable stone stone-1
collectable stone sulfurore-3
collectable stone wood
decor beach-arctic bush-a-1-snow
decor beach-arid bush-a-1
decor beach-arid bush-a-2
decor beach-temperate bush-a-1
decor beach-temperate bush-a-2
decor beach-tundra bush-a-1
decor beach-tundra bush-a-2
decor bridge bridge
decor cliff cliff_1
decor cliff-micro rock_10
decor cliff-micro rock_9
decor fields-arctic bush-a-1-snow
decor fields-arid azalea-1
decor fields-arid azalea-2
decor fields-arid azalea-3
decor fields-arid bush-a-1
decor fields-arid bush-a-2
decor fields-temperate bush-a-1
decor fields-temperate bush-a-2
decor fields-tundra bush-a-1
decor fields-tundra bush-a-2
decor forest-arctic bush-a-1-snow
decor forest-arid bush-a-1
decor forest-arid bush-a-2
decor forest-temperate bush-a-1
decor forest-temperate bush-a-2
decor forest-tundra bush-a-1
decor forest-tundra bush-a-2
decor hapis-rocks-bottom rock_a
decor hapis-rocks-bottom rock_b
decor hapis-rocks-bottom rock_c
decor hapis-rocks-forest rock_a
decor hapis-rocks-forest rock_b
decor hapis-rocks-forest rock_c
decor hapis-rocks-medium rock_1
decor hapis-rocks-medium rock_2
decor hapis-rocks-medium rock_3
decor hapis-rocks-medium rock_7
decor hapis-rocks-medium rock_a
decor hapis-rocks-medium rock_b
decor hapis-rocks-medium rock_c
decor hapis-rocks-mountainsides rock_a
decor hapis-rocks-mountainsides rock_b
decor hapis-rocks-mountainsides rock_c
decor hapis-rocks-small rock_08
decor hapis-rocks-small stone_21
decor hapis-rocks-small stone_23
decor iceberg iceberg_1
decor iceberg iceberg_2
decor iceberg iceberg_3
decor overhang overhang_1
decor powerline powerline
decor powerline-small powerline
decor river stone_21
decor river stone_22
decor river stone_23
decor riverdrain splash
decor riversound river_sound
decor riversource source
decor roadside busstop
decor roadside powerbox1
decor roadside powerbox2
decor roadside powerbox3
decor roadside powerbox4
decor roadside roadsign1
decor roadside roadsign2
decor roadside roadsign3
decor roadside roadsign4
decor roadside roadsign5
decor roadside roadsign6
decor roadside roadsign7
decor roadside roadsign8
decor roadside roadsign9
decor rock-beachside rock_1
decor rock-beachside rock_13
decor rock-beachside rock_7
decor rock-beachside rock_8
decor rock-beachside rock_a
decor rock-beachside rock_b
decor rock-beachside rock_c
decor rock-field rock_1
decor rock-field rock_2
decor rock-field rock_3
decor rock-field rock_7
decor rock-waterside rock_1
decor rock-waterside rock_12
decor rock-waterside rock_2
decor rock-waterside rock_3
decor rock-waterside rock_7
decor rock-waterside rock_8
decor rock-waterside rock_a
decor rock-waterside rock_b
decor rock-waterside rock_c
decor shore elephant-grass
monument airfield airfield_1
monument cave cave_small
monument lighthouse lighthouse
monument mining warehouse
monument mountain mountain_test
monument production satellite_dish
monument production sphere_tank
monument radtown radtown_small_1
monument radtown radtown_small_2
monument radtown radtown_small_3
monument radtown radtown_small_4
monument radtown radtown_small_5
resource beachside-deadtrees deadtree-1
resource beachside-deadtrees deadtree-2
resource beachside-deadtrees field-bare-1
resource beachside-deadtrees field-bare-2
resource beachside-deadtrees field-bare-3
resource beachside-palms palm-1
resource beachside-palms palm-2
resource beachside-palms palm-3
resource beachside-trees douglas-fir-1
resource beachside-trees douglas-fir-2
resource crystals crystal1
resource crystals crystal1b
resource crystals crystal1c
resource crystals crystal2
resource crystals crystal2b
resource crystals crystal2c
resource field-temperate field-1
resource field-temperate field-2
resource field-temperate field-3
resource field-temperate field-4
resource field-temperate field-5
resource field-tundra deadtree-3
resource field-tundra deadtree-4
resource field-tundra field-bare-1
resource field-tundra field-bare-2
resource field-tundra field-bare-3
resource forest-arctic pinesnow-1
resource forest-arctic pinesnow-2
resource forest-arctic pinesnowtall-1
resource forest-arid douglas-fir-1
resource forest-arid douglas-fir-2
resource forest-temperate oak-1
resource forest-temperate oak-2
resource forest-tundra pine-1
resource forest-tundra pine-2
resource forest-tundra-commons pine-3
resource forest-tundra-commons pine-4
resource forest-tundra-rares pinebare-1
resource forest-tundra-rares pinebare-2
resource forest-tundra-rares pinetall-1
resource forest-tundra-rares pinetall-2
resource forest-tundra-rares pinetall-3
resource loot loot-barrel-1
resource loot loot-barrel-2
resource loot trash-pile-1
resource ores metal-ore
resource ores stone-ore
resource ores sulfur-ore
resource roadside hollywood-juniper-1
resource roadside hollywood-juniper-2



Category Subcategory Name
corn corn.entity
corn corn.item
corn corn_seed.item
pumpkin pumpkin.entity
pumpkin pumpkin.item
pumpkin pumpkin.wearable
pumpkin pumpkin.worldmodel
pumpkin pumpkin_seed.item



Category Subcategory Name
player construct_vision
player player
player player_collision
player player_corpse
player player_model
player player_movement
player player_nametag
player player_preview
player player_ragdoll
player ui_damageindicator



Category Subcategory Name
resource battery_small.item
resource blood.item
resource bone_fragments.item
resource can_beans_empty.item
resource can_tuna_empty.item
resource cctv_camera.item
resource charcoal.item
resource cloth.item
resource crude_oil.item
resource explosives.item
resource fat.animal.item
resource fuel.lowgrade.item
resource gunpowder.item
resource hq_metal_ore.item
resource leather.item
resource metal_fragments.item
resource metal_ore.item
resource metal_refined.item
resource paper.item
resource salt_water.item
resource skull_wolf.item
resource stone stone.worldmodel
resource stone stones.item
resource sulfur.item
resource sulfur_ore.item
resource targeting_computer.item
resource water.item
resource wood wood.item
resource wood wood.worldmodel

Styling Messages

Render the text in boldface

We are <b>not</b> amused.

Render the text in italics

We are <i>usually</i> not amused.

It is possible to apply more than one style to a section of text by nesting one element inside another.

We are <b><i>definitely not</i></b> amused

Note the ordering of the ending tags, which is in reverse to that of the starting tags. The reason for this is perhaps clearer when you consider that the inner tags need not span the whole text of the outermost element.

We are <b>absolutely <i>definitely</i> not</b> amused

Change the size of text, by pixel value

We are <size=50>largely</size> unaffected.

Change the color of text

<color=#00ffffff>Hello world</color>

Messages sent from the server via plugins can be stylized using basic HTML. Styling is limited to bold, italic, size, and color.

The color can be specified in the traditional HTML format. #rrggbbaa… where the letters correspond to pairs of hexadecimal digits denoting the red, green, blue and alpha (transparency) values for the color.

Another option is to use the name of the color. This is easier to understand but naturally, the range of colors is limited and full opacity is always assumed. <color=cyan>… The available color names are given in the table below.

Color Name Hex Value Swatch
aqua (same as cyan) #00ffffff
black #000000ff
blue #0000ffff
brown #a52a2aff
cyan (same as aqua) #00ffffff
darkblue #0000a0ff
fuchsia (same as magenta) #ff00ffff
green #008000ff
grey #808080ff
lightblue #add8e6ff
lime #00ff00ff
magenta (same as fuchsia) #ff00ffff
maroon #800000ff
navy #000080ff
olive #808000ff
orange #ffa500ff
purple #800080ff
red #ff0000ff
silver #c0c0c0ff
teal #008080ff
white #ffffffff
yellow #ffff00ff